AIS Cancer Center 2012

Built from the ground up, this newly constructed healing environment needed to tell a story and showcase a journey of healing. The patient-centered design was inspired by nature and reflects strong elements of life; a natural look that draws upon the welcoming essence of walking through the woods. This adds to the mental state and relaxation of the patients.

The lobby is a masterpiece. An open space of inspiration. The mesmerizing waterfall is a two piece structure. The wall is accented with a mural, created by a reproduced photograph that was printed as life-size pieces of art behind clear beads. The wood laminate on the walls create a spell-binding attraction for people. Patients and visitors feel comfortable around the finishes and warm tones of the spaces. The journey is shared together.

Terrazzo flooring was chosen for its durability, its ability to reflect creative patterns and colors, and finally, its overallpresence adds to the upscale quality of the space’s design. Additionally, the flooring is easy to clean and aids in infection prevention.

The Ceiling has perforation for acoustic purposes, and a warm wood-grain finish. The very natural colors, wood tones and neutrals relax the patients and comforts its visitors.

Winner of a Beautiful Bakersfield Award.

Winner of a Beautiful Bakersfield Award.