San Joaquin Community Hospital Breast Center 2014

Winner of a Beautiful Bakersfield Award.Five-Star luxury was always the inspiration behind this magnanimous project. Treating breast cancer and other illnesses, the healing environment of the breast center is dedicated to ensuring comfort for patients undergoing treatments while maintaining their dignity. Privacy was priority, and so we designed this space with a spa-like atmosphere, giving areas like the changing area comfort and privacy. The design incorporates  a nature-inspired color palette and matching decor.

Vinyl wall coverings throughout the center become works of art, especially the leaf textured wall coverings in the Breast Center and Lab waiting rooms. Gorgeous countertops, flooring and furniture were specifically chosen to ensure easily cleanable spaces inline with quality and infection control. Waiting spaces, hallways and lobbies are crafted with soft cove lighting, giving a soft luminous glow that is easy on the eyes and welcoming. The finest porcelain tile with glass tile mosaic accents adorn bathroom walls and accent mosaic patterns restructure the floors. While maneuvering the center you’ll find vinyl planks and accent tiles in the interior hallways, imaging rooms and exam rooms.