San Joaquin Community Hospital; Medical Office Building Lobby and Cafe 2014

An all encompassing grand masterpiece, the 60,000 square foot medical office building located on the existing San Joaquin Community Hospital campus joins the already built AIS Cancer Center. Designed to inspire and reflect the body’s healing process.

Giving the smooth Terrazzo flooring life, patterns reflective of Eastern sand gardens in earth-tone shades take center stage of the lobby’s main hall way. These etched nuances of color and shape evoke a calm sense of healing and journey. Equally subtle and beautifully detailed are the lobby sconces. Soft, yet luminous lighting emerge from the pewter colored sconces, which also reflect the shapes of the crafted Terrazzo flooring. The geometry and symmetry of the designs reflect fluidity and balance, much like the body’s journey toward healing.

Breath-taking beauty is seen in the luminous chandelier that hangs boldly from the sound-reduced ceilings. The magnificent circles of light and silver metal, strategically placed center of the lobby sparkle and shine, giving the essence of life and healing full effect in the center’s opening space. The chandelier is a hand-crafted, custom piece designed with an acrylic frame with polished chrome finish, that measures ten feet in diameter. Additionally the chandelier is composed of glass spheres, with each measuring 1.5 inches, containing LED lighting. The masterpiece is accompanied by two custom-built metal rings, one is six feet and the other is eight feet in diameter. Both have a polished aluminum body with white acrylic lenses providing vibrant life and light to the center’s Rotunda. Equally designed with elegance and thought is the lobby cafe. An all-encompassing eatery, the Cafe caters to healthy food choices and accessibility to patients and guests of the medical office building. The Cafe also has direct access to the area’s Healing Garden.

Winner of a Beautiful Bakersfield Award.