San Joaquin Community Hospital Cafeteria 2014

The space in existence left much to be desired. The food serving space was congested, seating was sparse and the ambience was nonexistent. All it need was the right creative touch, time and new perspective. We redesigned the entire space: maximized seating capacity, reconfigured the serving area, and configured larger tables to accommodate bigger groups.

Creative reconstruction of the walls allowed us to give the room dimension while protecting the existing plumbing and pipelines. The Ceiling is designed to create movement in a diagonal line. The flooring needed durable material so porcelain tile was the choice, with a pattern to mirror the ceiling’s curve; easy to clean and ensure infection prevention in the hospital environment. We chose a contemporary color scheme. Adding bold colors with artwork, furniture and an accent red wall to stir the appetite. The space’s comfort and design aesthetic is a well-polished work of art in an essential space of the hospital.