ECHELON Medical Spa 2014

A medical spa with pizazz. An Upscale clinic with style. Echelon’s contemporary look mixes light and cool tones for a serene sense of attraction. We reconfigured the reception area and added a wall by the reception desk to have a profound backdrop and give the space a new aesthetic. It also served to display retail items.

The lobby has crisp marble flooring, while exam rooms and hallways have vinyl plank floors with pearl accent tiles. Keeping the sense serenity top of mind; light walls contrast with dark floors. Lighting can be dimmed in exam rooms for relaxation. We added accent color in the chairs and arranged florals to bring out an organic and soft touch. The atmosphere is gender neutral and inviting. Bathrooms are tiled for luxury and durability, they are accented with silver tones and accent tiles on the walls.